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Eastern Alliance Destroyer

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by Joseph C. Brown

Scale: Not stated

Eastern Alliance Destroyer: A sinister-looking spacecraft with a long nose, fins, and F-15 style intakes along the fuselage. The interior is cramped and reminiscent of a U-boat. The Destroyer may well be the largest type of Terran spacecraft since both the escapees from Lunar Seven and the Alliance Enforcers cannot believe the enormous size of the Galactica. It is potentially comparable to one of the Colonial Fleet shuttles in terms of overall size, given shots of it in Galactica's hanger bay.

The Model

F-15 style intakes? Naturally, when you bash two of those and an F-14 together! Add in some RealSpace F-1 Saturn V engines, and some resin greeblies thrusters. Also some large wings cut in a pattern that that loosely follows the lower fins of a Buck Rogers Thunderfighter, and heat-form a forward bridge section. Do not use turpentine as a paint stripper…oops.

Too late.

It does give a rather nice melted look, though, doesn't it? Now, store it away for some years, waiting for some appropriate contest on Starship Modeler. Wrecks Contest? Now we're back in business!

Image: Right/rear view

Image: Left/rear

Image: Lower

Image: Right/front

Image: Left/front

Image: Underneath

Image: Damage

Image: With new "wings"

Image: Another look

Image: Head on, sans paint

Image: From behind

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