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Madder Maxx

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by Clyde Jones

Scale: 1/25

Is Truck.

Is Truck for shopping and cruising in post-apocalyptic Suburbia.

Is armor plated, plates on doors and bed to protect happy tourists. Is equipped with steel grids to protect delicate radiator, and to keep out pesky peoples that may wish to joyride without permission. Engine is hydrogen powered with Joe Cell, and other resonant physics technology. Also uses solar power to produce hydrogen when at home, but is not in pictures.

Model is

Model is made with Peterbuilt Wrecker body and chassis, scratchbuilt bed from Evergreen sheet stock and shapes. Diamond plate and grill from front is from Mills Cast from U.K. Is good series of shapes and textures, all to often not found out of U.K. Pity - is for model R.R. perhaps. Front wheels turn so as to position for best use. Front “window glass” broken out and residue scribed for “cracks”. Good friend, is welder, showed me where rust on this truck is to occur, where to thin for realizm. Friend also Graffittied truck when not looking! But looks good. Tanks a lot!

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