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by Chad Fopma

Scale: Not Stated

The third moon of Beta Argolus is not the kind of place one goes to with any another choice. A hundred years ago a massive lode of Palladium was discovered there and a mining boom was born...for about three years. No one expected such a massive rush of people, and the thousands of hands made for very light work. So for ninety-seven years this once proud community has dwindled down to a settlement of less than two hundred broken people just trying to scrape by. Unfortunately, this made them an easy target for the local system raiders who hit them with a great deal of regularity. About a month before the normal "Springtime raid" a stranger landed on the outskirts of the settlement in an old transport called the Phoenix. He had just come to replenish some supplies, but when he heard about the problems they were having he decided to stick around and help.

For four weeks he disappeared into the junkyard, and when he emerged, he was not alone. He stepped out with a twenty-foot tall robot constructed from whatever bits and pieces of scrap he could find. He told it to protect the people of the settlement and with the words "BY YOUR COMMAND", it went off to battle the raiders. They were tossed aside with ease and driven off the moon. The People offered the stranger anything they had in payment, but he simply took the supplies he had originally come for and left them and the robot he had named "M'Iver" to protect them. It seemed an odd name as most people thought he was going to name it after himself, Angus.

The M'Iver bot was built as my own personal Box of Stuff challenge to myself. I decided that I would dig up my box of random bits and pieces that I had collected after each kit I've worked on. Unfortunately, most of what I had was just bits of sprue.

So, after a bit more digging, I found a few pieces that looked like they could be something and used them to build the frame off of. After a few days of building I had the overall frame finished and then added on some detail bits and pieces. A roughed up paint job later and the M'Iver bot was born.

Image: Left/rear view

Image: Front

Image: Hips

Image: Legs

Image: Right/front

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