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by Duane King

Scale: 1/16 (approx)

Left buried beneath the Moon's surface to act as a signal device when uncovered by the descendants of the primates visited in the distant past, on the third rock from the sun, this solid black object screamed its message once and then went dead. Never to be probed by the man ape relatives, it was buried (and abandoned) again.

The Model

Depicting the Monolith from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, the model is a balsa wood block 1 inch x 4 inches x 9 inches (1x2x3 ratio). It's hand-painted using a water reducible polyurethane paint I found in the local RC airplane hobby store. I lost track of the numerous coats of paint and sandings. The base is a piece of black foam core board.

Image: Side view (but which one?)

Image: From above

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