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Fa. -1 Aquilla di Mare

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by Joseph Tulleners

Scale: 1/32

The Fiume Aviation Model 1 Aquilla di Mare (Italian for Eagle of the Sea) was built to combat the unprofitable rash of sea plane pirates. Originally built using the most advanced materials and technology available, the pirate threat was ended by the final duel between Curtis and Porco before it flew. With the threat gone and no real military value, the Fa.-1 was flown for trials and demonstrations but soon forgotten.

After another major conflict, Filippo Rolandi of the once-feared Mamma Aiuto Gang found himself without a plane and needing to get away from the general area. Finding the now abandoned Fa.-1 in a hanger and needing an engine, he “borrowed” one from one of the many wrecks. Replacing the original radial took time……and two new engine mounts and a jury-rigged radiator and...

Now, with his customary beard grown back he is to be found at Hotel Adriano and available for hire….for the right price.

The model is a kit bash between a 1/32 ME-109 and a 1/200 HK-1 “Spruce Goose”. The Me109 donated the engine, prop, and windshield. The pilot came from a miscellaneous model and the cockpit came from a ME-163. The pilot was painted using a mixed brown and had arms attached from an army figure. The control stick is actually a set of binoculars cut in half.

The scarf was cut from scrap cloth material and attached. The wind shield was the canopy cut to fit.

The cockpit was built up by using a cut up drop tank and putty to change the contour and raise it above the sea spray. The step up also was a great area to put the guns. With the timing of the model means that they were removed. Speed tape is used to patch the gun ports as well as battle damage on the left wing and engine mount.

The radiator intake was built with a front section of a B-25 and a panel from a Ford Tri-motor. The engine was painted from pictures of several DB 605 engines in museums. I figured that the engine needs overhauling and leaks a little of everything, and burns almost as much oil as av-gas. The original wing floats were too small so they were replaced with two miscellaneous tip tanks.

Painting was done with rattle cans and with colors that I liked. The weathering was silver paint that was applied following examples seen on WWII aircraft. No marking were applied due to the illicit nature of the aircraft.

Image: Wind whipping the scarf back

Image: Another look

Image: Beat up engine

Image: Pilot

Image: Starting point

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