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One Foot

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Image: Front view

Image: Left/front

by Clyde Jones

Scale: 1/72

Proof that Giant Killer Combat Robots and Toe Popper Nukes just don’t mix.

Out in the Desert stands a lone foot, the only remains of the first of the Giant Combat Robots to be used in battle. Briefly. It seems that The Enemy knew of the project and prepared a little surprise for the Jillion Dollar Juggernaught. A bouncing Betty-type micro-nuke.

Perhaps the creators of this giant foot shouldn’t have named it the Ozymandious. History speaks of one long lost King of All who had the arrogance to build a giant statue of himself proclaiming him to be the King of Kings, Conqueror of Nations. All that remains of his empire is two giant stone feet, lost in the sands.

“Ozzy” is a giant Killer Robot foot. Or a model of one. The little Range Rover is just there to give scale. The model was built from an old telephone from the Thrift store in town - one that looked a lot like a... well... a foot to begin with. I cut the heel and forefoot assembly from the base, used the modified handset for the ‘bridge’ and various bits of Evergreen for the ‘bones’ and ankle assembly. The paint is fairly random mistings of Rust, Black, and Grey primer, with a misting of yellow to give it some color. Add more splotches and rills of PollyScale paint and some metallic thread for cabling sticking out of the blown open access hatch and you have...

A foot.

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