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Battle of Naboo

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by Petersteven

Scale: 1/48

This is my Naboo Battle diorama. It presents Anakin Skywalker in his Naboo N1 fighter attacking the main cargo of the Federation. He is chased by two Vulture droids. I used the AMT kits droid fighters, the Naboo N1 one and many styrene sheets for the backdrop.

The Naboo N1

The N1 cockpit has been strongly detailed. The all fighter has been lighted: engines, R2 and cockpit. Bringing the current into the engines was not easy considering the very small thickness of the wings. I used two small brass shafts included in the thickness of each wing.

The cockpit and R2 are lighted using the very well known method of the optical fibres. I put 4 LED's inside the fighter.

The chrome silver colour of the front is made with Alclad colour (first time for me) and the result is great.

Droïd fighters

The two droid fighters are coloured with a mix of light grey and olive green, set off by brown pastel and washed with medium grey oil painting. They are simply lighted with two red LED's each for the “eyes”.

The backdrop

This is a section of the Federation Lucrehulk class cargo inspired by a page of the Incredible Cross Section book of the Phantom Menace. I was looking for strong symbols of the ship making my backdrop recognizable. I chose an antenna that allows to communicate orders to the droids and a quadlaser turret. Both are totally scratched and kitbashed using principally tank kits.


I made the inner structure using an old computer motherboard, various pieces of styrene and of course my box of stuff. It was long and hard but I'm proud of the result. The inner part of the ship is lighted with five red LED's over the central path.

Image: Antenna

Image: Inner structure

Image: More structures

Image: Quad blaster emplacement

Image: Above/left

Image: Vulture droid

Image: N-1

Image: Another look

Image: Chase

Image: From right

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