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Wedge, Where Are You?!

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by John Simmons

Scale: 1/72

Here we have my X-Wing diorama. They are both 1.72 Fine Molds X-Wings. They are supported by acrylic rods heated into shape. The base is made up from 3" by 3" resin Death Star tiles purchased from eBay. I primed them then airbrushed black (Tamiya flat black) in the recessed areas, then airbrushed a medium grey over that, then dry brushed it with Tamiya sky grey. The base is just an MDF plinth spray painted black.

The X-wings were spray painted with Humbrol white acrylics, then airbrushed with Tamiya paints, I used Tamiya weathering packs to create the 'battle damage' and grime. Luke's X-wing was washed with a Humbrol enamel while Wedge's X-wing has a MIG Productions' 'neutral wash' on it (I wanted Wedge's a slightly brownish look to it). I loved doing the new panel on Wedge's left engine cover (I love how X-wings have a really nice history to them with scrapes, blast marks, damage etc)

The diorama is meant to represent the battle over the first Death Star where Luke needs Wedge's help and cries 'Wedge, where are you?!'

Image: Beauty shot

Image: Wedge, from above

Image: Front view

Image: Rear view

Image: Top

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