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Split Up and Head Back to the Surface

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by Scott Murphy

Scale: 1/72

After Lando gave that command I've always wondered what happened to those pilots. Did any of them make it out? It wasn't until I read the X-wing novels by Michael Stackpole that I found out that one of those pilots was Captain Tycho Celchu of Alderaan in an A-wing.

I started this little display as trench run scene from the first DS, having of course been inspired by Tony Agustin's awesome diorama Last Mission of Gold Flight. I'd seen others also do a version of a trench run but some just seemed too static and dull.

I started with DS several tiles that I've scrounged over the years from various sources and even cast several myself as I needed at least 40 to do what I wanted. As I built mine I left a few tiles out. Then built cavities with more greeblies. Then all this extra piping got in there somehow and what I ended up with looked more like the DS2 than the first DS. But there was no trench run in the last movie and then I remembered Lando's command.

A Fine Molds Tie Interceptor chases the RB-26 A-Wing. The Y-Wing was already destroyed.

Image: TIE/Int

Image: Pursuit

Image: A-Wing

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