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by Robert Stimpson

Scale: 1/6

This scene depicts the Wraithverge in the hanger after it's first proper shakedown. Forced into action early against conspiracy forces that threatened to destroy the Macross 14 Colony Fleet, this is the first time that the fleet has had a chance to put the fighter through her paces. Her pilot, Lt. Aurelin Hawk, has just completed the last in a grueling series of tests for the nascent variable fighter. These tests take their toll on man as well as machine, and both have been thoroughly tested today.

The diorama is built largely from cardboard and masking tape, with acrylic paint for detailing. The figure was formerly a 21st Century figure, with the head sculpted from sculpey. The flight suit was hand sewn, with the armor and helmet made from cardboard and masking tape and then painted.

Image: Closeup of the cockpit

Image: Would you believe that ladder is cardboard?

Image: Pretty big model!

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