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Supposed you were to come by X- Wing to Dagobah, not a Shado Interceptor onboard...

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by Sergio Palumbo

Scale: 1/72 (ish)

"Many in the sky the stars were..." Yoda thought, considering the dark heaven over the lurky planet of Dagobah"...and one just falling down now is...".

Read the backstory here.

The "Shado" interceptor is a very old plastic kit freom Bandai. The decals were not in good conditions but as the space vehicle is meant to be old, battered and damaged, too, they did prove ok after all. Yoda is an old miniature in (almost) 1/60 which needed some good primer and appropriate paint to delete the (horrible) original colors of the toy, while the rebel pilot, that is Luke, comes from various parts of some U.S. pilots/ground support team figures set by Tamiya, and has been partly scratchbuilt and modified to make it look like Luke in the end.

The colors are Vallejo/GW acrylics with oils/inks for the weathering. The diorama was made using polystyrene underneath, with flock, little pieces of some real trees, dust and pigments on the surface. Water effect is by GW and Twin glue over it. The outside part of the diorama has been painted by using Tamiya Diorama Texture Paint, really a great product to make rock- like surfaces...

Image: This will never fly...

Image: Dragon

Image: Cockpit

Image: Conversation

Image: Detail

Further images:

Image: Hungry

Image: Detail

Image: Starting point

Image: Luke

Image: Cockpit details

Image: Fighter, assembled

Image: Other side

Image: Painted

Image: Scenic base roughed in

Image: With fighter

Image: Canopy

Image: Figures

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