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F-302 Fighter

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by Marc Remy

Scale: 1/72

The F302 is the first space fighter built by earth to defend itself from the Gaould during the Stargate: SG1 series. It was very successful against the Gaould Gliders as well as Wraith Darts in the Atlantis series.

The model is very nice and heavy. I added brass rods to the wings and main body to make certain there was a solid fit. I should have done the same to the engines since I have knocked them off several times since then.

I decided on a simple paint scheme for the 302 since I was in a rush to get it mostly finished. I used Model Master Enamel (MME) Light Ghost Gray and MME Dark Ghost Gray for the body and wings. The engines where painted with MME Gunmetal, Steel, Magnesium. To get the wave pattern on the wings I traced the 302 outline on a standard 8x11 piece of paper and cut out the pattern I wanted. I did some light dry brushing on the engines. The panel lines where done with a fine tip black Gundam Marker.

The wood base I picked up at a Hobby Lobby and the deck is a sheet of 8x11 sheet styrene. I added tie down holes to make it look like a carrier deck. The deck is painted in Floquil Weathered Black and the stripes are MME Insignia White.

If you wondering what is with all of the writing on the wings, I was going to Dragoncon 2009 and when I found out Ben Browder was going to be there as well as Joe Flanigan I decided that I would have Browder and Flanigan each sign a wing. I had 9 days to get it mostly finished for the autographs. Both seem to like the paint scheme I chose and Flanigan spent some time inspecting the 302. Flanigan signed first and he wrote, “Hands off my plane!” A little while later Browder was getting ready to sign and asked if he was in the front seat. I told him he had to fight with Joe for the front seat which he replied, “Joe is a helicopter pilot.” That is why Browder wrote, “Joe is backseat.” There's nothing like a little extra side story to go along with the 302 kit.

Image: Rear view

Image: Above

Image: Right side

Image:Joe Flanigan's tag

Image: Ben Browder's

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