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Gnerl Fighter

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by Marc Remy

Scale: 1/72

The Gnerl fighter is the primary space/atmospheric superiority fighter for the Zentraedi fleet. The fighter packs impressive fire power with a tri-barrel nose cannon and numerous missiles.

The model can be built with either the cockpit open or closed, landing gear deployed or retracted and I chose the closed option and in flight. The model has good detail but had some fitting issues that required some sanding and use of putty around the cockpit area. After the sanding I had to rescribe a few panel lines.

The Gnerl is painted mostly in Model Master Enamel (MME) Forest Green, the cockpit area in MME Light Ghost Gray, and the nose and engine areas in MME Grauviolet. I used Floquil Weathered Black for the stripes along the main body as well as the fins and Floquil Yellow Armor for the Zentraedi insignia. I used Zentraedi stencils to airbrush on the insignia along both sides of the fighter.

The Zentraedi are not known for there maintenance ability so I weathered the fighter a little more to show that it has seen a lot of action. I used Tamiya Pastels and the panel lines where done with a fine tip Black Gundam Marker. I added a red optical lens for the targeting system in the nose and that was the only accessory added to the model. The base is a simple wood base that I bought from Michael's a few years ago and the plaque I had made at a sign shop.

Image: Head-on view

Image: Top

Image: Bottom

Image: Emblem

Image: Left

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