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Cylon Raider

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by Brett Seiders

Scale: 1/64

This is my Monogram Cylon model. It has been 20 years since my last foray into modeling. I have always had a passion for si-fi models and it has been great to get back into it.

I started with just building the model out of the box but after finding this web site I was encouraged to us my imagination and put an extra effort into it. I decided to add some lighting and while trying to figure out the best way to accomplish this I stumbled along (The Tiny Cylon) on the Internet. I thought that it would cool to find a way to add this in a manner that would not be to far of from the original model.

As for the painting I used Model Master metallics to try to bridge the gap between BSG 1980 and BSG new. I picture this raider as the missing link between the two.

I hope you enjoy viewing this project as much as I did building it.

Image: Engine deck

Image: Top view

Image: Pew! Pew!

Video: In Action

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