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Viper Mk 2 Next Objective

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by Brandon Thompson

Scale: 1/32

This is the Moebius Viper MK II with US Air Force markings. I used JT Graphics Viper Stripes- Blue decals and additional names decals also from JTG. Also I used decals from several scales of Air Force models, F-4, F-111 and Starshipmodeler's Nose Art series 2 Cheesecake decals.

This model will be given to my friend Capt. Todd Sullivan. My wife and I have known him since we joined the Air Force . My wife and he are currently stationed at FE Warren in Wyoming, we are soon departing for D.C. for DMSP and he to LA to be a project manager for a high earth orbit sat. He had his callsign ceremony the other day. The name is meant to reflect his ability to fist pump during extreme partying. He and I are great friends and will have many parties yet to party. We watched the majority of Galactica together so this is fitting. So Say We All!

Image: Top view

Image: Left/rear

Image: Call sign

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