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The Mother Of All Starfighters

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by Marco Scheloske

Scale: Not stated

A classic contest calls for a classic subject as an entry!

So here is the Mother of all Starfighters, the famous X-Wing. Starting point was the Revell pocket easy kit, but it was extensively repainted in detail, followed by a wash with dark grey oil color and several drybrushes with light greys, white and also real colors like green and orange to weather the heck out of it.

The base is homemade, from a wooden plaque and a Death Star tile plate from Triliance. It's ainted medium blue-grey, drybrushed with several lighter greys and white. The final step was to find a dynamic looking angle to display this little one - the inspiration was the scene in A New Hope when Luke attacked the surface of the Death Star and pulled his X-Wing up very late.

Image: Top view

Image: Closeup


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