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Colonial Viper

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by Alexander Attard

Scale: 1/32

After visiting the Melbourne Modellers' compition last year for the first time in 8 years I decided I needed to get back to my hobby and build a model. This is my first model in 8 years. I intend to make this part of a landing bay diorama for the Melbourne Model Compitition later this year.

This started as an out-of-the-box Monogram issue Colonial Viper. Everyone builds Vipers out of the box with a few modifications here and there, lights, cockpits and even a few more pipes here and there. It's rare that we see under the skin of a Colonial Viper; this is my attempt.

It's the first time I have scratch built parts, let alone wings. My intent was to go further with the fusalage framing, but I think what I put into this model was a good balance. The rear Y-piece is completely scratch built to replicate the 1:1 studio scale viper. The extra modifications are MMI cockpit set, MMI Intake, MMI landing gear. All three wings are scratch built by me. The exposed engine parts are from a Star Wars Pod Racer engines which I cut up to fit.

Whilst I felt overwhelmed a lot, I enjoyed the challenge.

Image: Front view

Image: Top/left

Image: Right wing

Image: Tail

Image: Engine

Image: Another look

Image: Right wing, again

Image: Detail

Image: More

Image: Looking up

Image: Looking forward

Image: Midships detail

Image: Higher

Image: Feet

Image: Cockpit

Image: Three feet

Image: Nose feet

Image: Looking up

Image: Nose gear

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