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by Duane King

Scale: 1/48
Alice is a single man fighter used for defending deep space freighters and cargo ships from pirates and marauders, and is named for the Matriarch of the Clan from the past. It is small, light, maneuverable, and its stealth capabilities make the fighter great for this task. The Hour Glass is not a reference to Alice, but as artwork for meaning, 'Your time of Death is Near' from day of old pirate raiding.

The model is a re-purposed F-19 Stealth Fighter from Testors, built straight out of the box. The cockpit was hand painted using Gunship Gray, Black, and the instruments were detailed using Prismacolor coloring pencils. The exterior was painted using Krylon Ultra flat Black. The Hour Glass symbol on the bottom is hand painted using Insignia Red Acrylic. The Shamrock with Alice text is hand painted using acrylics.

It is a simple kit to make, but the pilot is out of scale to the cockpit. When I first saw this kit, I decided that it was a great shape for a space fighter and could not resist making one for this contest.

Image: Cockpit

Image: ront

Image: Above/left

Image: Rear

Image: Right side

Image: Shamrock

Image: Hourglass

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