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ARC 170 Modified

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by Robert Graham

Scale: 1/48

This fighter was built during Episode 4: A New Hope on Coruscant by Ferris Croakas, an out-of-work crew chief and test pilot for the former RAZOR squadron. He scavenged several junkyards for the parts. As he was building from the ground up he decided to redesign the ship for a single seat heavy "fast" fighter. He also changed the weapons layout, as he didn't like the wing guns. With only one seat he was able to add extra engine power and move the sensor package back. Using the now available space in the nose, he installed 2 medium and 4 light laser cannons. Liking the razor paint design he opted for a similar one using a blue and copper.

He hired on with the Hutts and works as an escort for there "trade runs".

This was a fun build as I like the ARC Fighter but I didn't like the gun placement. I believe in form and function and the wing-mounted guns just didn't work for me. I also decided to make it a single seat fighter.

I used several parts from different kits. Engines from an X-Wing, panels from a Kazon torpedo and parts from the B-5 station. The cockpit and pilot were just in my parts box. The blue is a custom color using a DK metallic blue and flat white. I used Rustoleum copper auto paint for the copper and weathered the whole thing with pastels and silver acrylic.

Image: Cockpit

Image: Front view

Image: Top view

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