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Viper Mark 2

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by Fumio Tomisawa

Scale: 1/32
This is my Moebius 1/32 Viper Mk2. Main modifications are:
  1. I used retailing resin detail-up parts for 1/32 A-7 Corsair II (late version) to get reality for analog-controlled figther. (The cockpit for F-16 "Viper" is too wide....)
  2. Modified the intake shape (adding a boundary layer separator)
  3. Added details of turbo-thruster to the center of the engine nozzles.
  4. Added details to all RCS nozzles, and a catapault hook.
  5. Replaced the KEW muzzles with a brass pipe combination
  6. Carved panel lines.
  7. Scratchbuilt engines from my junk-tank-wheels and WL parts.
  8. Added details of MAG-LOCK and hovering nozzles to the landing skids, etc.....

All added nozzles are from Kotobukiya and Wave detail-up parts for anime models. I weathered the kit with Tamiya weathering masters and pencil. It took about 130hrs to complete.

Image: Upper/left view

Image: Front

Image: Rear

Image: Nose

Image: Cockpit

Image: Detail

Image: New cockpit vs. the kit's

Image: Fuselage together

Image: New engine detail

Image: Upgrades to kit parts

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