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by Daniel Gibson

Scale: 1/72 (ish)

This is Revellís snap-tite Y-Wing. The kit is about 1/72 scale and well engineered for a skill level 1 model. The plastic is crisp and finely molded without any flash, the exposed engines and mechanical area are nicely detailed, while the downside is a real lack of options for a specific pilot or fighter. Also the kit is missing a stand. I wanted to build an accurate Y-Wing from Star Wars which flew with Gold Squadron during the attack on the Death Star. After researching on Wookiepedia I found a pilot who had one of the R5 droids (you only get this option droid with the kit, unfortunately). This was ill-fated Gold 4. Iím not sure if this pilot had a name.

I first started with filing down the raised blocky panels on the sides of the front area around the cockpit. The pilot comes pre-painted so all I had to do was to paint the cockpit a dark grey. After slapping the kit together I painted the body an overall light grey with dark washes of black paint followed by lots of dry brushing with light greys and copper for the series of wires. The colors are all mixed by hand to what I think are accurate to the filming models, but I had a hard time with the yellow, seems to be a little bright in the pictures. This was a fun kit and I hope to get my hands on a Fine Molds Y-Wing some day.

Image: Left/front view

Image: Right/rear

Image: Rear

Image: Underneath

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