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Jedi Starfighter

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by Daniel Gibson

Scale: 1/24

This is the old and now rare AMT Jedi Starfighter, the good old glue-together one, not the oversized, poorly molded snap together model. I built this back in 2006, and was my first Star Wars model to be completed. It was also a learning experience for me. This was the first time I used Micro-Sol decal solution, and Future floor polish.

My model actually started out as Anakinís ship but my mind was changed because I couldnít get the shade of yellow that seemed right and I think everyone wanted to build his version...... I decided to be different. The contrast of Obi-Wan Kenobiís starfighter seemed to complement the black and white Republic display stand, and I feel Obi-Wan was a better fit to the Republic symbol. The instructions did not have a color reference provided, but the box had four pictures of completed models in different schemes. Besides this the only reference available was the scene in the movie: the epic Battle of Coruscant. I wanted to make it look as close to the movie version as possible, I studied the close up shots and mixed the colors by hand. The red was the hardest part as I couldnít make it too bold; this was a challenge because it had to look faded and used. Grey washes were applied over a fairly dark red under coat, followed by thin white washes for a varied tone to show faded paint.

Overall this kit was a lot of fun to build to establish my modeling skills and show my love for the hobby as well as Star Wars. I only wish I could find more of these little gems, but it is nice to have one good one.

Image: Left/rear view

Image: Front/right

Image: Droid

Image: Cockpit

Image: Left/front

Image: Underneath

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