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Frak Bait

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by Tony Taylor

Scale: 1/32

During the celebrations to mark the retirement of the Galactica, Admiral Adama was shown his original Viper that had been lovingly restored to flight status on board Galactica for the celebrations. Unbeknownst to Adama, a second example had also been prepared at the Caprican Musuem of Cylon Wars and it was planned this would join him in formation at the ceremony with his son Lee at the controls. This Viper would survive the first wave of attacks on military targets due to it's location and was hurriedly readied and flown out to the vast forests of northern Caprica.

Here, green paint was rapidly daubed over the ship in attempt to conceal it's location in the dense forests. It is believed at this time due to the obliteration of her serial numbers the name Frak Bait was added to her nose. With the formation of a resistance, this lone Viper, often operating with the minimum of support and using the myriad on concealed fuel and arms dumps set up around the planet following the first Cylon Wars, soon took on a legendary aura of her own and rapidly became hope for all survivors fighting back against the invasion, more ships would eventually join her, but she would always be known as Frak Bait, the Viper that took the war to the Cylons.

Operating within the atmosphere for long periods of time soon started to take a toll on the temporary applied paint which started to erode, but with canon blasts and engine staining the ship started take on a camoflague all of her own...

Here we see her preparing for another mission, her captain, one of the many volunteers from many of the Colonies stranded on Caprica studies maps of the Inland Sea in preparation for a strike.

This was modelled using the Moebius Viper MKII 1/32 scale kit and more or less out of the box bar the odd bit on the cockpit sidewalls and the repositioning of the pilot's right leg, arm and head, with the addition of a plasticard map, then brush painted with Vallejo paints.

Image: Left/front view

Image: Right/rear

Image: Underneath

Image: Top

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