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Colonial Viper MKII

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by Todd Major

Scale: 1/32

This is my Colonial Viper MKII from BSG. I built it straight from the box with some additions. The model is an accurate representation of the Studio and CG models but I wanted to add some additional details. I drilled out the vernier thrusters, added panel lines, a recessed rescue pull and engine details. Cockpit is pretty much stock except for a few details and a rotated pilot's head as I wanted to display the model in flight in a banking maneuver.

I wanted to give the surface a chipped appearance, so after priming I applied a layer of silver enamel. I then applied a couple layers of hairspray, then the base coat of Tamiya Acrylic white slightly tinted to grey and markings using Tamiya Flat Red. Using a stiff brush and some water I removed some of the base coat along panel lines and in other areas I thought might wear. I went a bit farther then I wanted to, but was relatively pleased with the result considering it was my first time trying the hairspray technique. After a clear coat I applied the decals. I wanted the exposed silver areas to have an oxidized appearance so after a clear coat I applied a filter of zinc white artists acrylic which helped to knock back the contrast between the two layers. Next I painted the mechanicals using Alcad 2 Metallics adding highlights with dry brushed silver and copper. The cannons were rubbed with powdered graphite.

After sealing up these layers I did a panel wash using a combination of black, white and burnt sienna artists oils. Then I added some drips and streaks from the engine housings, again with artists oils. After a flat coat I used black Mig Pigments to create damage marks and add some smoke and discolouration around the cannons, intakes, thrusters and engines. Additional wear marks were also added using a silver pencil crayon. To tint the canopy I painted the inside with built up layers of Tamiya Smoke diluted in FFA. After curing it was dipped in FFA, then the frame was masked and painted using Alclad Steel.

The base is scratch built and loosely based on the style of the Galactica hull.

Image: Top view

Image: Left/rear

Image: Front view

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