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Two-Seater Y-Wing

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by Wolfgang Bittermann

Scale: 1/72

This is my Fine Molds Y-Wing Fighter in 1/72. The model shows my version of a two-seater conversion Y-Wing.

For building this model I used some after market products: the two-seater conversion kit from Triliance.de, the star wars alien pilot set from Starforge Studios, the blue markings decal sheet for Y-Wing Fighter available from jbot.ca, a base with rebel logo won on ebay someday. All parts of the kit had a nice fit, it was a nice and quick glue-job.

The overall color of my fighter is camouflage grey from model masters. The tubes on the body of the ship were painted in a dark brown tone. I wanted a real used look of this fighter (fuselage) but also some brand new parts (canopy) to show that this fighter comes from a hidden rebel base where they really kludging their crafts together. After main body was dried I applied a hard wash with thinned black color.

I also wanted markings not showing the “classic” yellow (gold) or red which is used often on star wars rebel ships. So the choice for my starfighter was blue and I do not regret. Together with the light yellow canopy / cockpit section and the brown decals at the engines it is an interesting color-scheme. Working with the JBOT decals was easy but also requires some experience. I also used some of the decals given to the kit - the brown decals for the engines and the “wear decals” for everywhere on the fuselage. I added some more color wear out all over the ship with light grey.

The female pilot and the Sullustan gunner figure were painted with games work shop colors.

The finished model is not glued to the rebel base but super magnets so I can take the model and fly with it through the whole flat simulating engine and blaster sounds (when no one is watching). I easily took out dozens of chasing Tie-Fighters because my ion canon is installed backwards. I earned my kill markings mostly in the living room and in the kitchen....

Image: Top view

Image: Right side

Image: Right/rear view

Image: Rear view

Image: Cockpit

Image: Overhead

Further Images:

Image: Top/front view

Image: High/right

Image: Right/rear

Image: Detail

Image: People pod

Image: Weathering

Image: Yub yub

Image: Overhead

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