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by Jürgen Rath

Scale: Not stated

Starfighter ?...Oh yes, wasn't it that jetplane that was more on the ground than in the air (and then mostly not in one piece) ?

Anyway I remember, in my childhood I have built the home of Yoda on Dagobah with modelling clay and the inner part of Bespin with lots of cartoon sheets (looked more like a puppet house) and have had a lot of fun. Nowadays, some hundred years later, I was standing in front of a box full of plastic parts which didn't seem to fit together in a pleasant way and a snowspeeder action figure looked at me as it wants to say: "Hey man, where's my snowspeeder ?"

I said: "Let's see what I can do for you."

Now this is my Rebel Swordfighter. The main body was a low budget jetplane toy on which I added parts like a formula 1-car spoiler, two gascharge bottles for the engines, a defective razor machine for the upper engine and wings of a propeler plane. For the blasters I used ball-point pen parts, bumbers of a bike and some other stuff. The rear adjustable wings are made of wood and the window framing I built with matches. The base colour is a light grey email colour, the other colours are acrylics. For the fight traces and the engine dirt I used black acrylic colour and black oil colour bother. The R2-unit was a keychain figure.

Image: "Hey, man..."

Image: Cockpit

Image: Right/front view

Image: Rear view

Image: Starboard side

Image: Upper left

Image: Underneath

Image: Above

Image: Unpainted

Image: Framing

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