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by Jürgen Rath

Scale: 1/65

The Syrene is a scout ship with a very strong engine and light armour. The alien race who built the ship uses high technology.

The body of the fighter was a water pistol. The engine was a wheel from a toy car. Other ship parts and engine parts are from a toy robot. The cockpit is the half ball of a roll-on deodorant .

The base colour is a blue metallic-acrylic colour which i mixed by myself like the violet colour also. On the car wheel i glued some cartoon sheets and painted it with silver email colour. For the mysterious energy sphere and the other silver parts i used aluminium-acrylic colour. I painted the cockpit window with pearl white-acrylic colour which doesn't look very good on the photos because of the light reflection. At last i dirtened the engine and the silver parts with black oil colour.

Image: From above

Image: Right/front view

Image: Right/rear

Image: BIG engine

Image: Left side

Image: Upper/left

Image: Starting point

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