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SS-4 B2 Weltraun Jagdflieger Sternail

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by Christopher Condon

Scale: Not stated

The main role of this interstellar patrol boat is to stop smuggling and the transport of supplies to Mercenary forces on the Earth, and in addition to guard the Strahl spy satellites in orbit around the planet. It is armed with an medium sized infrared laser cannon. The observation and reconnaissance of the SDR forces was greatly increased by their use of spy satellites to the point where the Mercenary forces created the SAFS Space Type Fireball, manned by Special Forces to attack them. The Patrol Boat was initially created as a response to these attacks, but in order to be able to cruise outer space, the vehicle had a rather large fuselage to carry the supplies and fuel needed for this duty, but it could carry a large weapon as well. Because the craft is so big, it had a larger turning radius than the suits which is had to fight, and which in guerrilla style warfare was a serious flaw.

The model is 100% Scratch-built. It's the second copy in existence. Kow made the original, Love Love Garden did the first copy. It has taken me years to get all the parts and 6 months to build it. Some of the parts are from: 1/144 Saturn V, 1/35 T62a Tank, 1/48 F15 Eagle, 1/72 F18 Hornet, 1/8 Pocher Rolls Royce, 1/35 Sdkfz 222, and 1/720 Macross enemy mech.


  • Maschinen Krieger (Ma.K) : SS-4 B2 Weltraun Jagdflieger Sternail (Page 077 Ma.k Maschinen Krieger vol.1 Chronicle and Encyclopedia)
  • Chassis Number: 1200 -
  • Crew: 1
  • Weight: 910 tons
  • Length: 53.28 m
  • Width: 13.24 m
  • Height: 10.2 m
  • Engine: 2x SHL48 Drive2/D2 Plasma Rocket Motors
  • Range: 180 days
  • Sight: AMM2600
  • Primary Armament: 82 cm Zg788 Laser

Image: Engine

Image: Top/rear

Image: Port side

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