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Modified E-wing

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by James McVay

Scale: 1/72

My entry is a 1/72 scale Black Sun modified E-wing. I figured that since Black Sun is criminal empire, it would need fighters to protect it's illicit cargo ships from local security and New Republic forces. This fighter is a stolen New Republic E-Wing that has been modified to have bigger guns, faster engines and better armor and shielding. Also, that annoying fixed cannon over the pilot was replaced with a twin barrel laser with 360 degree range of fire.

This model is my first scratch build and is made mostly of sheet styrene and brass rod. I also used a few left over parts from a FM 1/72 X-wing. I don't own an air brush, so all the paint work was done with brushes. The only two things I can't take credit for is the Twi'lek pilot I bought from Studiostarforge and the Black Sun decals from JBOT.

Image: Under construction

Image: Top/front

Image: From behind

Image: Right/front

Image: Starboard side

Image: Pilot

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