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X-Wing Terra

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by Simon Barraclough

Scale: 1/72

On Earth the work of organisations such as SETI lead to the discovery of historical evidence of great space empires far far away and the technology used by these people. Based on information on alien fighter designs, aerospace engineers applied new design features to the next generation of fighters. The X-Wing configuration provided greater manoeuvrability in space using the OMS pods on the ends of the lower wing. New exo-atmospheric propulsion system mounted on the low wing, with waste heat rejection from the inner surface of the lower wing, exposed in the deployed wing configuration. Closed wing provides efficient flight within an atmosphere. With the alien anti-gravity technology still in development the fighter relies on air breathing engines on the upper wing for atmospheric propulsion as well as a scramjet engine to propel the fighter beyond the atmosphere. Additionally with artificial intelligence in its infancy, a rear navigator is required to assist with the complexities of operating a craft in multiple environments.

This first generation “star-fighter” is one of the first examples of the alien/human hybrid designs, being equally capable in an atmospheric and space environment.

This project started with an old X-Wing model I never got around to building. Never having done a real scratch build before I thought I try my first attempt with an aerodynamic X-Wing (the Star Wars craft are great but they can be a bit blocky). The X-Wing had the wings cut and the cockpit removed and bits added from other aircraft models. The cockpit, jet engines, front undercarriage are from an F-14 while the tails, rear undercarriage, weapons and wing are from an F-18.

The F-18 wing is backwards in keeping with the straight leading edge of the X-Wing . Also the wing of the F-18 model comes in two convenient halves, allowing for the lower wing to stow within the upper wing. The underside of the X-Wing fuselage has been rotated around to provide an opening for the air intake of the scramjet, with the strakes taken from the F-14. The model up so it could be displayed in multiple configurations, adding to the interest (as a kid I could never decide on whether my aircraft models should be wheels up or wheels down). Scratch building this was very enjoyable and allowed for some design to be applied to the model.

Image: Port side, wings open

Image: Front/left view

Image: Higher

Image: Wings closed

Image: Open, front/high view

Image: Closed, right/front

Image: Open, front

Image: Landed

Image: Underneath

Image: Low/left, wings open

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