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Naboo N-1 Mk IV

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by David Reese

Scale: 1/48

After the Trade Federation took over Naboo so quickly the Naboo decided to upgrade the military:

This is the Naboo N-1 Mk IV. It has spaceframe, engine, and avionics upgrades. The pilot has a full helmet with internal HUD for situational awareness. The Astromech droid station has been deleted in favor of internal avionics. This decreases the weight of the fighter and gives it more AI to aid the pilot. The new cover over the droid location is a 360 degree scanner antenna. The torpedo launcher has been replaced with a more powerful blaster for destroying a wide variety of targets. he spaceframe has been modified to work in the atmosphere better than the standard model.

This particular fighter is part of the Naboo 1st Space Commando Squadron based in an underground instalation hidden in a forest away from population centers.

The model is built from the Snap kit and modified (kitbashed) with spare parts.

Image: Left/front view

Image: Left/rear

Image: Underneath

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