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Blue Wedge Fighter

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by David Reese

Scale: 1/72

This fighter is equiped with a gravity based drive system powered by an internal reactor. It has six 14mm particle beams on the sides of the nose, and two 40mm rail guns mounted on its belly. The nose has a 19 shot rocket launcher system that fires guided or unguided weapons. The hull is armored. The cockpit is equiped with a hypersleep system for the pilot for long missions. The ship is atmospheric capable but is primarily built for missions in space.

The Model is 1/72 and built from the Heller 1/72 F-86, sheet plastic, and spare parts. The paint job was an experiment and I used Testors flats (enamels).

Image: Rear view

Image: Rear/below

Image: Right side

Image: Right/front

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