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Harrier Space Superiority Fighter

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by John Douglass

Scale: Not stated

Space warfare had progressed to the point where enemy ships of all classes had more qualities in common than not, so the Harrier was developed to succeed in combatting capital ships and fighters alike. At a time when other fighters had substantial wings to enable aerodynamic operation, the Harrier was compact making it more maneuverable exo-atmosphere. It featured two deployable deflector pods atop the quad-core turret to deform the shields enough to maximize the throughput of rapid-fire anti-fighter guns. It also featured two weapons systems for use against capital ships. The first was the large-bore fixed-mounted nose gun around which the rest of the ship was designed. The second, "This Is The Schräge-Musik" (TITS), were fixed-mounted guns angled below the fuselage. Modeled after similar systems in WWII German night-fighters, they allow strafing fire from weapons too heavy for a turret.

Years ago I started a ship with a triangular cross-section, little wings, and F-14 engines, but that was a far as I got. Later I noticed a 1/48 scale Hawker Harrier fit the front part but, of course, I did not want display the tell-tale engine fairings. An Mi-28 helicopter body took care of that. Not being concerned that all parts had to blend together perfectly, in back I added a computer mouse, a pair of plastic shot glasses, and a couple of Sherman tank parts. Wings covered the helilcopter body, and top of the helicopter went to the bottom.

Two plastic cylinders perfectly fit the helicopter's engine exhausts. They were initially to be radiator extensions, but that looked too much like feet.

Then I remembered "Jazz Music" guns. Now they look like... Something different. Dual penus'?

Image: Top/left view

Image: 'Jazz Music' guns

Image: From above

Image: Top/rear

Image: Top/front

Image: Below

Image: Underneath

Image: Under construction, top

Image: Bottom

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