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Cylon Raider Mark 1.5 Hybrid

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by Kenneth Gogan

Scale: 1/64

Inspired by the BSG movie Razor, I took a vintage Mongram Cylon raider model kit and reconstructed the design to be a sort of concept fighter to the example seen in the movie. The wings were removed, notched, reversed, and moved forward. The front of the craft was cut and moved in towards the cockpit 3/4 of an inch, and then rebuilt. The cockpit area was lowered and rebuilt and extra piping and greeblies were added. The sides of the fighter were also notched inwards towards the front of the ship to give it a wider stance and make room for the heavier gun placement.

New, heavier cannons (gatling gun style) were rebuilt and extra weaponry was also added. Dozens of extra panels were added and many panel lines rescribed. Reaction control thrusters were added to the underside as well as extra detailing. The rear engines were removed and replaced with engines from an old MPC X-Wing kit. Tank tread armoring adorns the engine louvers.

The main color is a custom mix of 3 shades of Grey: 50% Light ghost grey + 25% Gunship Grey + 25% Gull Grey. Model Master acrylics were applied with an Aztec airbrush, and weathering was achieved with Tamiya pastels.

The asteroid base is carved and sculpted from pine wood and automotive Bondo. A dremel tool was used to replicate the craters and cracks in the asteroid's surface. OOO steel wool lightly rubbed over the high spots of the main color revealed the lighter base coat beneath, to highlight the details and edges of the craters.

Image: Head on

Image: Underneath

Image: Left side

Image: Rear

Image: Top/rear

Image: Front/left view

Image: Firepower

Image: Under construction: Front

Image: Gatling

Image: Head on

Image: Front/low

Image: Repositioned 'wing'

Image: Right side

Image: Top/rear

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