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Predator Drone

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by Jake Damron

Scale: Not stated

It's 2036 and the new Russian power unveils its new "Predator Drone" that will ultimately dominate the space around all inhabited planets. The prototype is sleek and features new plasma laser technolagy as well as pulsar propulsion enhibitors to enable smooth flawless, and quiet flight. On board advanced targeting computers allow this to be controlled from almost anywhere. Still in its early stages, it is still the most advanced fighter to date.

It is scratch built fusing a flat panel monitor stand as the base. A old pair of discarded headphones, some electrical supplies and automotive plugs. It was secretly constructed where i work using 98% of the material from typical items we discard. There are lights installed and internal 9v battery powering the entire craft. Lights installed on the bottom of the craft rotate in a circular motion. There are small red LCD screens at each underside of the wings, and some blue LEDS inside the wing-mounted cannons. I scribed the entire surface with an exacto knife and a ruler. I really started this project for my son, but then realized how maybe this KOOL craft needed to be shared with the world.

Image: Eyes

Image: Armament

Image: Glowing

Image: Top/right

Image: Underneath

Image: Behind

Image: Right side

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