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by Jesse Staggs

Scale: Not stated

The pilot of this former X-Wing decided to be a rogue mercenary pilot. He didn’t want anything to do with the Rebel Alliance or the Empire…he only wanted money. He stole his X-Wing from the Rebel Alliance, went to a abandoned base and customized the fighter to his own specifications. He upgraded all the weaponry from four laser canons to 7 high-powered ion laser canons: four on the wings, two under the cockpit and one on the nose, one of those being controlled by an astromech battle droid and a computerized program which he uses for high altitude sniper runs and execution of higher ranking leaders. As for the X-Wing, he has shortened it by 15 ft to make it more compact and upgraded the engines and has added a fifth engine. He took the wings from his former ship for his own reasons. His ultimate goal was to make a faster, smaller, more maneuverable attack fighter. His services are well worth the cost and has made himself a name that the Rebel Alliance have learned to fear as well as the Empire.

To start, I used a 2001 action figure toy. I then cut out the R2D2 droid housing as well as part of the nose and reattached it all for a shorter fuselage. Never had the original wings or guns so I chose a more sleeker, more compact set that I made from plastic miniblinds. I used copper tubing to make the laser canon barrels and I chose not to put any insignias of any kind as the pilot is a mercenary.

Image: Right side

Image: Top/right view

Image: Rear view

Image: Front

Image: Top

Image: Left side

Image: Rear again

Image: Right/front

Image: Pilot

Image: Underneath

Image: Droid

Image: Under construction

Image: From above

Image: Parts

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