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MA-33 Kodiak Heavy Fighter

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by Bruce Rollins

Scale: Not stated

The Kodiak is a multi-purpose assault vehicle that is designed for carrier-based deployment. It is a bit of a pig in a dogfight, so later variants, like this one, were equipped with a tail gunner.

There are two things I would like to point-out about this model: the inspiration for the build and the pilot/co-pilot seat design. A good friend of mine picked up an unbuilt AT-AT kit from a garage sale and gave it to me with the challenge, "see what you can make out of this". I tried to use every part in some way which is why it looks like a Star Wars Transformer. The cockpit design is an idea I have had for some time to have the pilot and co-pilot seated back-to-back to give the co-pilot a large amount of control console space, but with the option to rotate the co-pilot seat underneath to give a forward facing position for accurate firing/bombing, etc. After all, in space, there is no reason everyone needs to be oriented the same way.

Image: Bottom

Image: Canopy open

Image: Co-pilot in the flipped position

Image: Fly-by

Image: Rear view

Image: Tail gunner position

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