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Mar-Tan Ya

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by John Fleming

Scale: 1/144

This ship design, known as Mar-Tan Ya, is very maneuverable, despite it's larger size. Many an enemy pilot has made the mistake of underestimating it's capabilities, and paid a heaving price for it. It has 2 pulsed beam lasers in the nose, and 2 internal weapons pods on the underside. These pods are usually carrying proximity mines, but can also carry a set (4) of planet bombardment systems.

In it powered by 3 chemical reaction engines. These are not your normal "rocket" engines. They work with the chemical reaction between a series of metal mesh cones, and a liquid version of a compound only found on the planets of one system (so far). And that's what everyone is fighting over.

The Mar-Tan Ya is big. It is 33.8 meters from wing tip to wing tip, 25.34 meters from nose to tail, and 18.29 meters from bottom to top. The cockpit sits 9.6 meters off the ground. That doesn't matter much, as it is space capable only. It can make planet fall. Once. It's a one way trip for the craft.

This model is built almost completely out of a styrene kit that has been significantly re configured. Can you figure out the source kit?? And then some sheet plastic and AVES Apoxie Sculpt round it out. The model is 23.5cm wide, 17.6cm in length, and 12.7cm high. It is 1/144 scale.

Image: Front view, high

Image: Top

Image: Bottom

Image: Right/rear

Image: Rear

Image: Engine inset

Image: Cockpit

Image: Head-on

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