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Alien Space Fighter

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by John E. Davis

Scale: Not stated

This is a model of an alien space fighter I built for a movie over thirty years ago.

I don't like to build copies of anyone else's models, but I try to disguise their origins as much as possible. I this case I was less than successful. The wings are obviously wings from a Cylon Raider. The fuselage, however, is an Fa-14 fuselage turned upside down. The nose cone is a reshaped tail cone from a space shuttle. The engine lights are circles of diffraction grating tinted with magic marker. The model is painted in good ol' buzzbomb grey. The other fighter is the same model from a different angle.

The planet in the background is a flat piece of artwork viewed through a large plano convex lens. This is the world's easiest way do make a planet, and my own invention, as far as I know. I offer it to you. The stars are salt sprinkled on black velvet.

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