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Fork-Wing Fighter

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by Ian A O'Neil

Scale: Not stated

Finding themselves short or materials and Porkins pilots, the rebel alliance turned to experimenting with building starfighters from readily available materials and without pilots. Hence, the Fork-Wing Fighter.

I don't feel the pictures do it justice, but they are what they are (take a hint Lucas). The model is a bunch of forks glued together. The project started during lunch one day with a few forks pinched together at the prongs making a satisfying dihedral. Then I got a box of forks and lost a few weekends. It has been noted that it would have been way cooler if the forks were held together by friction/tension alone, but Elmer's and I have a good relationship. Some of the joints are a dual Elmerís/super glue bond. Some of these joints were made during construction and more from when the model got moves from one plant shelf to another. When the Elmerís glue dried, a form of the forks remained, allowing for more surface area for the super glue to bond.

I had tinkered with the idea of painting it, but I like the aesthetic of the bare white forks.

Image: Left side view

Image: Top/front/left

Image: Top/left

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