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Miner Moth

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by Patrik Johansson

Scale: Not stated

Designed and built by asteroid belt miners for protection against hostile take overs, its only merit was becoming the first casualty of the Squid Exodus, getting caught in the path of the incoming liberation fleet. Little is known about the actual craft but as many as three are belived to have been built in the sparsely equipped zero g work shops. The sphere, belived to made from epoxy resin scavenged from hull breach repair kits, inflated bubble gum style and let set, contained fuel cells, the operator and a limited life support system allowing for a few hours (estimated) of operation. The armament and its origin is unknown but appears to have been of a simple open bolt design. There are no known surviving vehicles.

The model was made using a table tennis ball, square and round 1 mm strip styrene and parts from various tank models.

Image: Front view

Image: Front/left

Image: Left/rear

Image: Right/front

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