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White Fighter

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by David Reese

Scale: Not stated

Preliminary Intel report.

82nd Fighter Squadron, Recon section:

Our squadron was heavily engaged in a fight with Mars Colony rebels. During the running battle they took us close to the asteroid belt where they had other forces hitten which attempted to ambush us. During the fight this White starfighter was spotted. There was little time to warn our fighters of the unidentified craft approaching at high velocity. It engaged several Mars Colony fighters and support vessels. Every ship they engaged was destroyed or damaged enough to take it out of the fight. The battle quickly turned in our favor and the mysterious White Fighter headed out into deep space at high velocity. We have no idea who owns the fighter or even if is was manned or unmanned. The lab is still going over the readouts from the EM signutures that were picked up. The damage to the enemy ships would seem to indicate some type of sub-attomic disruptor much more powerfull than any of out particle beem weapons. All attmpts to communicate with the ship failed and we were not able to pursue it.

The model is a kitbash/scratch built amde of model parts and sheet plastic. Testors, Pactra, and Floquil paints were used. I built a ship like this many years ago and was able to find the larger parts of its design so I could build another. The details changed however because I could not fing those parts and/or could not remember what they were.

Image: Right/rear view

Image: Front view

Image: Bottom

Image: Right/low

Image: Top

Further images:

Image: Top/tight view


Image: Right/rear

Image: Left/front

Image: Rear/high

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