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MAMBA Trans Atmospheric Vehicle

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by Michael Edwards

Scale: 1/48

This is a kitbashed model of mostly Monogram parts. My inspiration for building this model was the movie Wing Commander. This fighter is capable of space flight and atmospheric travel.

  • Fuselage- 1/48 Scale Monogram F-100 Fighter -Bomber. 1” was removed from the nose and 3” removed from the tail. The tail is from a 1/350 scale USS Hampton Attack Sub, from DML Dragon.
  • Vertical Stabilizers- Are the F-100’s Horizontal stabilizers.
  • Horizontal Wings - Are from a A-IH Sky raider the folding wing tips were not used. The wings ends were filled in with sheet plastic filled and sanded then styrene I-beams were used for launch rails. The missile attachment points are the bomb sway braces from the A-10 Warthog kit.
  • Cockpit- The F-100 cockpit was detailed out with extra boxes made from styrene strips. The canopy combing is made from fly fishing vinyl ribbing.
  • Hyper-Drive Engines- Are Apache Helicopter engines inverted and installed under the wings.
  • Landing Gear- The gear is from the F-100 with aluminum tubing for lengtheners added to the bottoms and brass tubing add to the tops and inside the bays for attachment points. The retraction arms on the main gear are made from aluminum rod and electrical wire. The retraction arm on the nose gear are from the F-100. The nose gear braces are a mixture of plastic and aluminum tubing. The nose gear skis are made from brass sheet& the main gear skis are made from plastic sheet. The bottoms of the skis are made from plastic stock carved to shape. The gear doors are from the F-105 kit.
  • Midline Directional Thrusters- The midline thrusters are made from the tips of 1/48 scale FFR rocket pods faired into holes drilled into the fuselage. The cooling scoop on the left side is the engine radiator intake scoop from the A-1H Sky raider.
  • MAIN NOSE PLASMA BEAM- A 1/72 scale jet engine from my parts box was cut down and detailed with various sizes of copper wire, plastic tubing,& some used circuit board parts. The nose was closed off with corrugated sheet plastic then drilled & engine mounted thin plastic rod encircles the plastic plug.
  • Rail Guns & Open Bay- Guns detailed with plastic tube, rod & wire barrel ends drilled out.
  • Twin Barreled Particle Cannons- B-17 top turret with guns made from brass tubing with aluminum tube tips & aluminum tubing recoil compensators.
  • Aft Phase Disrupters- F-100 speed brake actuators drilled out w/ aluminum tubing lengtheners detailed with copper tubing, solder wire plastic tubing & bits and pieces from the parts box.
  • Gemini Mirv’s- Wing tip missiles are F-100 Bull pups.
  • Optic Long Bolts-1/48 scale Hellfire’s noses drilled out painted black & filled with 2 part clear 5min. epoxy, launch rails from Apache helicopter.
  • Decals- The snake decals are black mambas down loaded from internet and printed on micro-mark decal paper all other decals are from parts box.
  • Battle Damage and Field Repairs- Some damage done w/ dremel with ball cutter. Some field repairs made from sheet plastic, other patches are masked and painted. Some panels repainted to ship color & some left bare metal. All other weathering and battle damage done w/ paint, pastel chalks& washes. All gun barrels drilled out, all missile engines filled W mili-put & drilled out.

Image: Front/left view

Image: Rear

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