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Draconian Marauder

By Jeff Skagen

This is the 1979 Monogram kit of the sinister Draconian Marauder from "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century". This kit is built entirely stock. It was painted with a custom color mixed from Model master enamel paints that has proved to be an excellent match for the coral / salmon color the model appeared in the show. The poor cockpit did not appear worth salvaging, so I painted the inside of the canopy black to create a more sinister look. Fairly heavy weathering was done with dark pastel chalks (I figure the Draconians don't work that hard to keep their fighters clean and pretty) and sealed with a matt sealant. The keen observer may note that the pilot of this particular craft has attempted to make a subtle customization he hopes his superiors won't notice, since the Draconians do not encourage free expression among their troops. He has had the skull insignia on the upper and lower wings turned to face inward on the craft, instead of the normal outward appearance - his own little mark of distinction.

Bottom View

Rear View

Jeff Skagen's Marauder

Jeff Skagen's Marauder

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