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Earth Directorate Starfighter

By Jeff Skagen

This is the 1979 Monogram release of the Earth Directorate Starfighter from the TV series "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century". This kit was built almost entirely stock, with the exception of the addition of a control stick inside the cockpit, and scribing some missing panel lines on the back of the wings. It was painted in two shades of gray with Model Master enamel paints. The two-tone engines were painted aluminum and anthracite metallic gray. Recessed panel lines were accentuated with a drafting pen. The model was lightly drybrushed and weathered with gray and black pastel chalks. When I built this model I thought the weathering I applied was deliberately heavier than seen in the show, but have since seen a picture of the studio model that shows I actually came very close in appearance.

Front Oblique View

Bottom View

Earth Directorate Starfighter

Earth Directorate Starfighter

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