Entry in the Starfighter Contest

Starship Modeler Starfight Contest Entry

Colonial Viper

By Sean Sides

This kit is mostly out of the box from Monogram. I added a few styrene "panels" on the wings and fuselage. No decals were used. All markings were airbrushed on. Paint color was a custom mix of Testors Enamels: Dark Ghost Gray, White and Silver. The orange markings are a mix of Orange Ochre and Red. The canopy was painted gloss black.

I added some styrene to the back of the engines to make the diameters look thicker, like the production kit. The weathering was created by using chalk pastels as well as outlining the panels with the pastels. The background is part of the display stand.

Front Oblique View

Another Front Oblique View

Sean's Viper

Sean's Viper

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