Entry in the Starfighter Contest

Starship Modeler Starfight Contest Entry


By Sean Sides

This is the larger kit from AMT/Ertl. The greatest area of detail I added is under the wings in those two open panels that are on each wing. I added some styrene and some phone wire to make it look like conduit and paneling inside there. I duplicated the same pattern under all four wings. I cut off the wings into individual parts to make it easier to work with. The R2 units' top was sanded down smooth and polished. Then I painted a Testors buffing metallizer onto it and polished it up. I then painted a clear piece of decal sheet blue, and cut out R2's blue panels and added them to the polished finish.

No decals were used on this kit. All markings were painted on with an airbrush, as well as some accent coloring on the panels. I used the Star Wars Technical Manual as a reference to match up the colors. My research showed that some production models were pretty much white, but there were a few that had some rather colorful paneling; tans, light blues and grays. I cut out the back where the s-foil actuator is and inserted a brass tube, glued it inside, and then mounted it to my base and it looks like it is flying out from the wall.

Top View

Sean's XWing

Sean's XWing

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