Starship Modeler Starfighter Contest Entry by Robert Sanders

Starship Modeler Starfighter Contest Entry


By Robert Sanders

This R/M Starfury kit depicts the last of the surviving "furies" delivered to Babylon 5 by the late President Santiago. Named "Pretty but Deadly", the pilot has gotten a lot of ribbing about a Starfury NOT being pretty. Never the less, this pilot has survived all the attempt to retake the station, the Shadow War (indicated by the blue pentagon with an "S" in it on the left wing) and hopefully the assault on Earth.

The marking are a tribute to the WWII P-51 pilots sporting bold D-Day style invasion stripes, bold artwork, and the sword and shield logo of the independent Babylon 5. This craft and her pilot have come to send a message to the corrupt government of Earth.

The invasion stripes were made from black and white decal sheet. The sword and shield as well as the lettering and artwork were scanned then transferred to clear and white decal sheet by means of a color photocopier.

The Art! The Art!
Frontish View

Backish view

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