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Dilgar Fighter

By Steve Gay

This is a 1:72 scale replica of a Dilgar fighter from the Babylon 5 universe. The design was based on what little information was given in the first season episode "Deathwalker". I went by the idea that the Dilgar were technologically on a level slightly higher than that of the Earth Alliance and the League of Non-Aligned Worlds, but on a biologically advanced level similar to the Minbari. Therefore the hull is composed of semiorganic material which looks similar to a Shadow Vessel's hull. Also I used the cat like appearance of the Dilgar's eyes as a basis for the emblem.

The semiorganic hull effect was created by first spraying the model dull red. Then I brushed on the "veins" using micro mask. Once the micro mask dried I sprayed the model gloss dark red. Finally after the paint dried I pealed the micro mask off using masking tape. I created the decals using Adobe Illustrator and printed them on clear decal paper using an Alps 1300 printer.

Rear View

Top View

Steve's Dilgar

Steve's Dilgar

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