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Starship Modeler Starfight Contest Entry

USSF Fighter Rampage

By Jim Silvers

I started with an F-18 for the main body. I then added the nose of a P-38 in which I drilled two holes for the guns (those are nozzles from disposable lighters). The forward wings are from an 1-72 scale A-10; the back wings are from a 1-48 scale A-10. The manuvering thrusters are from a 1-32 scale Apollo command modulel - 2 each on top and bottom, with one on each wing. The main thruster is a register receipt roll with slots cut in it. The base is just a piece of wood that was lying around. The decals are from the Testors 1-48 scale SR-71. This model took alot of body putty.

Top View

Front View


Jim Silvers' Rampage

Jim Silvers' Rampage

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